Concrete Polishing & Methods

This first blog is based on the most common question I get asked: 

"What will it look like?"

Basically, the answer is however you want it. The 3 finishes we provide are "Cream, Salt'n'pepper & Full exposure" meaning cream is a blank swirly/cloudy look ranging to the full exposure which is a stone like finish, showing the small aggregate within the concrete like a granite type effect. 

There are so many finishes regarding the grit (shine) finish also. This can range from 400grit (satin) to a 3000grit (high gloss) finish. 

The most important factor when polishing concrete in my opinion is the strength and durability of the finished product. Anything can look nice but if you don't know what the correct procedure is during the polishing process then this can have major implications in the future maintenance of your floor.

This is why it is always important to discuss your project and offer a test area prior to works commencing.

During my blogs I will be going through in more detail the finishes and procedures on polished concrete and floor restoration, hopefully giving peace of mind to my followers.

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